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Google + Bing Search Ads

Search engine ads are the top, bottom, and side ads place within the search results on search engines like Google and Bing. They are one of the most direct advertising methods available in today’s market. You can buy advertising space to be at the top of the results for certain search queries to guarantee that your potential clients see you first.

Google Search Ads

Since Google is the most popular search engine, Google search ads are the most popular, and the most profitable search ads to utilize. Google search ads use a combination of an auction system and a relevance system. While it isn’t 100% accurate the easiest way to view search ads is as an auction system and the person that pays the most gets the top spot, the person that pays the second most gets the second spot etc. The company willing to pay the most for a specific search will be the top result and get the most traffic. This means that highly competitive markets and industries will cost significantly more than low competition markets and industries. If you need help determining the cost for your business, we can run an analysis on the current costs for your keywords.

Pay Per Click

Search ads are billed on a pay per click basis. If your search ad is shown in the search results, then you will only be billed if they click on your ad. This helps to determine whether search ads will be profitable for you. You can estimate your conversion percentage for your specific product and website and know that x cost will get you a visitor from search ads. Divide your estimated pay per click by your estimated conversion rate and you will know how much it costs to acquire a new customer for that specific keyword. Example: If your cost per click is $20, and your conversion rate is 5% then 20/.05 = $400 for a new customer. We can always help do a cost benefit analysis and walk you through this if you need help.

Quality Score

Google applies a quality score to your search campaigns. The quality score determines how much more or less you will have to spend on your search ads. Google’s goal is to provide the best results they can for all their searches, because if they can do that, they remain the best search engine. They help keep their search result quality high by increasing or decreasing the amount you pay based on your quality score relevant to that specific search query. Quality score is comprised of three key factors – expected clickthrough rate, landing page experience, and ad relevance. Expected clickthrough rate applies historical data to assume how likely a user is to click on your link. Landing page experience test how relevant your landing page is to the specific keyword and search query as well as other technical factors for how well the site is built. Ad relevance determines how relevant your ad text is to the keyword you are bidding on. From these three factors Google assigns you a quality score of 1-10. Quality score is assigned to every individual keyword, not an account basis. You can also learn about Google's Quality score here. While Google does not publicly state exactly how much Quality score affects the cost of your ad, independent research has found that a 10 will discount the cost by as much as 50% and a 1 will increase the cost by as much as 400%.

Our Search Ad Services

Geniuses For Hire only uses Google search ad certified account managers. So everyone is properly trained on how to run your account and knows the best way to get your the most results for the lowest cost. We are also able to synergize with your website to help create specific landing pages and optimize your website for the best possible performance and return. To keep things simple we charge a 20% management fee across the board for all advertising services and we can work with any budget.

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